Angel Number 555 Meaning Doreen Virtue

Angels are watching us and our activities without our knowledge. Angels are God’s messenger. When we face difficulties, we are in problem, and we make prayer angels want to help us. The only way to communicate with us is through the number series. It is a sign from angels. That means they want to talk to you and help you to remove your problem and make your thoughts into action. 555 is such type of an angel number. Through 555 angel number angel tries to connect with you. It is a signal. It appears to you letting you know to be aware of this number.

You have no any ideas about 555 angel number, and suddenly you saw the number at your office advt paper, you look at watch when it was 5:55 pm, you are reading a book, and you are in page number 555, you get up from 5:55 am and finally you got $5:55 as your return amount then definitely understand it is a sign from angels.

That may not be a coincidence. If the number 555 appears in your nameplates, license number then you won’t believe that it is a regular thing. You should know that you are entered into the angelic realm.


The spiritual meaning of angel number 555

There is different kinds of angels number we have seen like 111,222,333,444 etc.  Different angles are connected with each repeated number. They have different roles. So angel number 555 is one of the special numbers which is more potent than the others. While you are seeing the 555 angel number pay attention to it. Here is a message for you from a guardian angel. They want to talk to you. Guidance and protection is everything for life.

You know every number in Numerology has a special meaning and vibration. The number 5 is meant for change and constant movement. So when it is tripled then think what may be its power. Through the number, angels informed you that they are with you to guide you and assist you.

They assure you to do something new in life.  Life means changes. In every step, life will change a little. Evolution is a part of life. To change the life first you have to change your thoughts. You have to think positively. The number 555 is meant for that.

The number 555 is meant for new opportunities, decisions making, adventure, and curiosity. Angels are giving you new chance to make your life as you want. Angels don’t come to you and don’t make visible to us. We can only feel their presence. You can feel the spiritual experience. They are connected with your soul. When you take action, you will feel that there is strength in your inner heart. You feel something in your heart. It is spiritual. 555 is for your new achievements.

5 Reasons Why You Are Seeing 555 Angel Number

1) You are in the angelic realm

You are in the angelic realm
You are in the angelic realm

555 the angel number doesn’t appear to you casually. It is sent to you. It is a message from angels. When you see the angel number 555 again and again everywhere than be careful because you are invited from the angelic realm. Now you are in the angelic realm. Your every problem will be solved. You need guidance and help. So angel is with you. They are not visible but surrounding you. They assured you to do something in your life. You are so lucky that’s why you are in the angelic realm.

2) The time comes to achieve your goals

The time comes to achieve your goals
The time comes to achieve your goals

When you see the angel number 555 again and again repeatedly in your daily life then be sure that now your time comes to fulfill your goals. It was not a coincidence. We all have ambitions in life. We want to do something to make our image in society. But due to some problems, we are not able to fulfill our goals. Situations demand that we don’t want. We forget our aim. But our guardian angel does not want to. They try to contact us. They help us to achieve our goals.

3) Make your right choice

Make your right choice
Make your right choice

While you are facing problems and you are confused to take decisions in this situation angels send you 555 angel number. They want to inform you about their presence.  You need to get your right choice. Be sure about what your inner heart wants. Be confident and make your choice — no need to be a worry. Your guardian angels are always on your backside to give you strength and support.

4) Miracles are coming in your path

Miracles are Coming in Your Path
Miracles are Coming in Your Path

555 angel number appears to you means miracle happens to you. Everyone can’t get the number. It is seen to only the luckiest one. We all want to have a miracle in life. It happens and gives us hope to live life. If you saw the number series 555 then be happy because a miracle is going to happen in your life. Your life may change you ever want. Angels are giving this opportunity to experience a wonder in life. They are with you and want to guide you through the number 555. Enjoy your life with angel’s miracle.

5) Create your world

Create Your World
Create your world

We have different choices in life. We want to be a king of our kingdom. That’s why we want to make a world for us where we are rulers, and we are tenants. Angels listened to our wish and tried to fulfill it. So they sent you the signal as number 555 to inform you that your dreams will be fulfilled so soon. Now you can create your world. Everything will happen as you want. Angels are giving you a chance to build your life.

The secret and interesting things about 555

The angel number 555 tells us your life is on the path to success. You have to change your thinking. Divinely inspired and guided by angels your thoughts are going to be changed. You are in the right place. In angelic realm feel your presence and feel the presence of an angel in your soul. Set your mind to face the new challenge in life. Make positive attitudes. 555 gives you inner strength. Keep the faith and trust yourself.


I hope I covered all about angel number 555. Here my post is about the magical effects of numbers 555. The angel number 555 has a power which is effective and interesting. The lucky one will get the chance to see the angel number 555. I give the best information about the number.

When it appears to you don’t get nervous. It is a superior power. So friends if touched your heart through the magical angel number 555 then don’t hesitate to give your opinions in a comments box. It is important to us for next time. So friends for you it is my humble request that if you have any experience with the angel number please share your experience. Stay updated with us for the next article.


  1. I believe in angels an triple numbers so as soon as l see one l try to read its meaning an lm grateful an thankful for angels will always keep the faith

  2. well I admit I’m financially strapped right now and cannot purchase the simplest of toiletries or any items. My roommate came in with sad news and I dropped my eye glasses right off my face and I kid you not they have disappeared…not on the floor anywhere and that impossible. Because I’m on my hands and knees looking for them he finally said “common I’ll get you a new pair. My old ones were broken and I was still wearing them and he bought me not one but THREE PAIRS right on the spot !!!! This NEVER happens~ he’s a grouch! omg thank you thank you thank you !!!!

  3. I saw the 555 for the first time this morning! Thanks for explaining the meaning. I tend to get more often, 111, 101’s and 8’s! I see lots of energy briefly in the night and mornings. It is very peaceful!

  4. I just glanced at my clock a few days ago, not intentionally, and at two different times, saw 5:55 and 2:22. I kept a mental note to check the “Numbers book” you authored, but instead just looked at your meanings for 555 and 222 online at this site. Because there are several meanings for 555 and I don’t recall ever seeing “number 5 sequences” before (only 444 and 333 commonly appear), I’m not sure if all five meanings for 555 that you listed apply to me (all of which would make sense to me, at present) or just one of the five meanings. I’ve prayed for many years for miracles to help me reach financial security, as well as to obtain “specific” divine guidance to know clearly my path and goals for the remainder of my life. I’ve always loved animals and also enjoy helping people in need, but am unsure of what specific path/positive directions I should take for my life’s journey, at present and for the future.


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