Best 10 Line Short Story With Good Moral

Friends, in this article, we have brought to you the collection of the best and selected 10 line short stories in the world. Stories that will change your way of thinking after reading them.

And there will be positive changes in your life. We are told that after falling, you will not be disappointed and move towards success.


  • There was a bird there.
  • She used to fly high and screamed everywhere.
  • Sometimes on this branch, sometimes it makes a harsh sound on the branch.
  • But the bird had a habit of keeping any stones he carried with him, good or bad, in his bundles, and often saw those stones removed from the bundles.
  • She will be glad to see the good things that have happened in the past.
    And sorry to see bad stones.
  • I used to do this every day.
  • As he collects gems every day, his ties are getting heavier.
  • A few days later, he was helpless.
  • But she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get up.
  • Over time, the bag became heavier.
  • Now, it is difficult for him to walk on the ground.
  • One day she couldn’t even afford her own diet and died under the burden of stones.

Moral of the story

Friends, the same happens with us when we keep old things with us. Instead of enjoying our present, we keep thinking about the things of the past. Enjoy this moment.

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2.THE ELEPHANT AND ROPE(never give up)

  • once a person carried an elephant and tied with a small piece of rope.
  • Another person watching all this matter.
  • The person was shocked; he thinks, ‘how it Is possible’?
  • The person asked the elephant’s owner: “How could such a large animal follow you without breaking a light rope.
  • The elephant’s owner said that when the elephants were very small, they were tied up with ropes. At that time they tried to break the ropes, but they could not.
  • If the elephant does not break the rope even after repeated attempts, the elephant will think, that they cannot break the rope.

Moral of the story

There are always some negative feelings in our minds when in reality there is not. We tie ourselves in a rope that is not real.


  • It is an old incident in Holland. The rail bridge broke down due to floods in the river. It was time to come to the train to arrive.
  • An accident can occur anytime due to a lack of knowledge of bridge breakdown.
  • A boy was present there, must have been 12-14 years old.
  • He started thinking of ways to stop the oncoming car. When no remedy is suggested to him, He descended his shirt and cut off his finger and took out the blood, and changed his shirt color to red.
  • And he was standing in front of the track, hoisting the red flag. The train was coming. The boy little frightened, but he never gives up; he stood with the red shirt on the track.
  • When the driver saw the boy He stopped the train. The boy told the whole thing to the driver.
  • The name of that boy was George Stanley.
  • Every person sitting in the car was praising the understanding of the boy.The decision of the little boy saved the lives of thousands of travelers.

Moral of the story

Would a 12-year-old boy suddenly have so much braveness and understanding? No, friends, that boy has to help others from childhood. This kind of thinking must not have been gouged after seeing difficulty, or in any sudden baptism, we react in the same way as we have practiced. Therefore, good thinking always makes our life.


A turtle lived in a forest. Whenever he saw birds flying, he would get depressed. He used to think, “I wish I could fly like these birds too.” One day he went to his friend Chill and said, “Can you teach me how to fly?” The eagle said with a laugh, “No. How can you fly? You don’t have wings.” The eagle tried hard to convince the turtle, but he was not ready to accept. He told Chiles, “I don’t know anything. Enough, you teach me to fly in the sky.” Defeated, Chil tied him to the beak and took him to the sky and went there and said, “Now try to fly.” As he opened the beak, the turtle crashed and died on the ground.

Moral of the story

It is not right to be stubborn for anything.

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