Moral Story For Class 3 Students

In this article, we are going to tell you about Moral stories for class 3. You may have heard these stories from your grandparents in childhood. These stories are very informative and educational. You will learn many good things from these moral stories. Which you can get success by using in your life. These stories are fascinating. Those you will enjoy reading a lot.

If you are getting bored reading the old story, Here we are giving you the best short story with moral for Grade 3 students.

Moral stories list in English for class 3

1.Hard work

Two friends Nakula and Sohan, lived in a village. Nakula was very religious and considered God very much, while Sohan was very hardworking. Once both of them bought a bigha land. Due to which he wanted to grow his crop and make his home.

Sohan used to work very hard in the field, but Nakula did not do anything but went to the temple and prayed to God for a good harvest. Likewise, time passed. After some time, the crop of the field was ripe and ready.

Both of them were taken to the market and sold, and they got good money. On coming home, Sohan told Nakula that I would get more of this money because I have worked hard in the field.

Hearing this, Nakula did not say that I should get more share of the money because I prayed to God only then we got a good harvest. Nothing is possible without God. The two reached the head of the village about the division of wealth.

The chief, hearing all the matter, gave each of them a bag of rice in which stone was mixed. The chief said that tomorrow morning you both have to separate rice and stones from it and then I will decide who should get more of this money.

Both went to their house with a sack of rice. Sohan woke up overnight and separated rice and pebbles. Nakula went to the temple carrying a bag of rice and prayed to God for it.

The next day, Sohan took away as much rice and pebbles as he could and went to the chief. The chief was happy to see that. Nakula took the sack of Vaisi and went to the chief.

The chief asked Nakula to show him how much rice you cleaned. Nakula said that I have full faith in God; the rice must have been cleaned. When the sack was opened, the rice and pebbles were the same.

The chief told Nakula that God also helps only when you work hard. After this, Nakula, too, started working in the field like Sohan, and this time, his crop was better than before.

Moral of the story: If you are trying to get everything without hard work, then change your mindset now, because God does not help even the one who does not hard work.

2. High thinking(story of a poor boy)

Once a boy was standing near a toy survivor.
Then a car stops and a man comes out of it.
He buys toys and sits in his car.
That’s when the guy standing next to the toyboy gets attention.

The child is looking at the rich man’s car.
The rich man feels sorry.
He takes that child in his car.

• Child – your car is costly, isn’t it?
• man – yes. My elder brother has gifted me.
• Child, how good your elder brother is.

• man- I know what you’re thinking. You also want such a car, don’t you?
• Child- No, I also want to be a rich man like your elder brother.
• Because I also have small siblings.

Moral of the story: Always keep your thinking higher than others’ expectations.

3. waste of knowledge( Bulbul and the monkey)

Once upon a time, there used to be a bird named Bulbul who lived in a forest, the cold weather was coming; all the animals started preparing to avoid it.

Bulbul also made a splendid nest and covered it with grass from all sides to avoid the coming rains.

One day suddenly heavy rain started, to avoid which all the animals started running here and there, Bulbul comfortably sat in his nest.

Then a monkey came under the tree to save himself.
Seeing the condition of the monkey, Bulbul said – You have wandered so smart yet did not build a house to avoid the rain.

Hearing this, the monkey was furious, but he kept quiet.
Bulbul again said that he would have spent the entire summer in laziness and would have made a home for himself.

The monkey overcame his anger and remained silent.

The rain was not stopping, and the winds were getting stronger, the poor monkey started shivering with cold, but Bulbul had sworn as if to tease him.

If you have shown a little wisdom then this situation…

Bulbul did not even finish his talk that the monkey climbed the tree and said – even though I do not know how to build my house, but I know how to break other houses.

Saying this, the monkey breaking the Bulbul nest.

Like the monkey, that time the bird also trembled due to cold.

Moral of the story: Friends, if you can help a person in a difficult situation, then do it, but do not give unnecessary knowledge.

4.Don’t be afraid

Once upon a time, there lived a jackal in a forest,
He was quite old, he did not have much strength left to hunt his appetite.

One night, when Jackle was wandering around with hunger, he came to know that a dead body of a dog was lying on one of the paths, then he walks on that path,
Then suddenly he gets very scary voices from that path.

Then he changes the way but thinks if I change the way then I am going to die of hunger anyway, so why not go this way and eradicate my hunger.

He then walks along the path where the dead body of the dog lay.
Upon reaching there, he saw that the frightening sound was coming from two branches of trees, which were colliding due to the wind.

Seeing this, Jackle laughs out loud,
I was afraid, I was afraid, I did not change the way, but I would die of hunger.

Then he eats his hunger by eating the body of the dead dog and goes back.

Moral of the story: Friends, that’s why keep moving towards your goal without paying attention to these scary voices and be successful, these are all idle voices that do not let you get ahead in life.

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