Funny Inspirational Stories With Morals

In childhood, we grew up listening to stories from grandparents. A collection of some such funny inspiring stories are given below, by reading, you will learn something in life. Every story has some message or teachings hidden in it. So at the end of each story, the moral that comes from the story is well highlighted. Here are the best funny inspiration moral stories.

1.Intelligent solve every problem

There was a farmer, finishing his farm work and returning home. He saw a confectionery shop. The farmer did lots of work that day and he felling too hungry. In such a situation, when he crossed through the confectionery, he started smelling sweets. He couldn’t stop himself. But he did not have much money to purchase sweets. so he stood in front of the shop and enjoy the aroma of the sweet.

When the shopkeeper shows the farmer is enjoying his sweet, He went to the farmer and said, ‘please take out money’.The farmer was surprised and said that I have not bought sweets nor tasted them, then why? The shopkeeper said, ‘I know you have not taken sweet, but you have enjoyed the fragrance of the sweet and that sweet made by me’.

best funny stories with moral

The shopkeeper said, smelling of sweet is equal to eating of sweet now you will have pay for it.

The farmer was a little frustrated at first, but then showing some understanding, he took out coin in his pocket and tucked them in between the two hands. Now the farmer started going his way.

The confectioner said, give me the money! The farmer said, just as enjoying the scent of sweets is equivalent to eating sweets, similarly listening to the tinkle of coins is also equivalent to taking money.

Moral of the story

so, friends, you may also face people like the shopkeeper, do not be panic, answer them to wisely like the farmer.


There was a big pond in a village. In that pond, there were lots of crocodiles, carpets, frogs, and many kinds of creatures. No one dared to go under such frightening water. Why would anyone want to lose their lives?

One day it came to the mind of some people in the village that if anyone went from one shore to the other, he would be rewarded greatly.

Then what happened was a few days later, the day of the race came. Many people came to see the race, but no one wanted to take part in that race because of crocodiles. Suddenly a man jumped into the river and started swimming quickly, and while swimming, he reached the other side of the pond.

All were surprised to see this. One person said that you had done a lot of bravery. You are the winner of this piece, you will be rewarded for this. Many people of the media surrounded him and started asking Where did you get so much snow? How did you do this work?

Then the person said, “We will take the prize, leave it all, you guys tell me who pushed me?”

Moral of the story

Friends, this is not a story, it was just a small joke, but friends, there is a lot to learn in this story. Often we have the ability to achieve our goal. In that boy, he can jump into the pond and do it on the pond. He was capable, but he did not jump on his own, someone pushed, and he took quite a lot on the fish for fear of escaping from the crocodile. Would have been the winner of it. Now his life had changed.

Friends like this, many talents are hidden in us. Unless we have the courage of confidence and risk, then we take every mind in our life without any bugs in any challenge. We should make it so. There should be such confidence in us that we should take full advantage of the opportunity to buy in life.


Once a famous poet had an ‘ink potion.’ Boasting on himself one day, she said- “Can’t believe! A few drops of my ink can write so beautiful and so worthwhile.” Then, a ‘pen’ shouted – “How foolish you are. You don’t know? You only give ink. I am the one who writes on paper, so I am more noble than you.” Both of them started arguing. Both were telling themselves great. At this point, a poet who was returning through a music gathering. He began to write- “That, what beautiful music it was. It would be foolish of musical instruments if they think that the music they produce. We forget that we do not do anything great. It is God who is greater than us. It works. ” But even such beautiful thoughts of the author could not bring any change in the ideas of ‘ink dawat’ and ‘pen’.

Funny motivational story for employees

1. MONEY AND THE MONKEYS (How does money sink in the stock market?)

Once a man for a city reached in the village of the madaris. He gathered all the people of the village and said, ‘I want to buy some monkey’. Hearing this, the chief of the village asked question, ‘how much money pay for every monkey’? The man replied 100 dollars.

After hearing talk of the urban, the village people ran towards the forest, and the catching of monkey and they got 100 dollars for every monkey. The man bought 100 monkeys in two days and took them in his car and returned to the city.

After some time, that man again reached the same village and said- ‘This time I cost a monkey 200 dollars. Give.’ After listening to him, people again started catching monkeys. This time also the villagers ran towards the forest, but no more than 50 monkeys were found there. The urban man also bought those monkeys and returned.

After some days the man again reached the village in his car. This time he had another man with him. On receiving information about his arrival, the villagers gathered. Addressing them, he said- ‘This time you will get as many monkeys as I can get, I will give 500 dollars for each monkey. Give. .. Now I have to go for some urgent work, but I am leaving my assistant, you guys keep collecting monkeys with it. I will come tomorrow and take all the monkeys. ‘

The villagers were so blinded by greed that they quickly disputed 100 and 200 dollars without thinking. I bought all my monkeys sold in 400-400. … The next day there was neither an assistant nor a monkey carriage nor any urban babu. Just monkeys all around ….


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