funny inspirational stories with morals

In childhood, we grew up listening to stories from grandparents and grandparents. A collection of some such funny inspiring stories are given below, by reading, you will definitely learn something in life. Every story has some message or teachings hidden in it. So at the end of each story the moral that comes from the story is well highlighted. Here are best funny inspiration moral stories.

1.Intelligent solve every problem

There was a farmer, finishing his farm work and returning home. There was a confectionery on the way. The farmer had done more work that day and he was feeling hungry too. In such a situation, when he passed by the confectionery, he started smelling sweets. He could not live there without stopping himself. But he did not have much money that day, so he could not buy sweets, then he stood there for some time and started enjoying the aroma of sweets.

When the sweetheart saw the farmer enjoying the aroma of the sweets of his shop, he could not see the happiness of the farmer, he went to the farmer and said, withdraw money. The farmer was surprised and said that I have not bought sweets nor tasted them, then why? The confectioner said, even if you have not taken sweets, but have enjoyed the fragrance of the sweets I made.

best funny stories with moral

The farmer said, smelling sweet is equivalent to eating sweets, so now you have to pay for it.

The farmer was a little nervous at first, but then showing some understanding, he took out some coins from his pocket and tucked them in between the two hands. Now the farmer started going his way.

The confectioner said, give me the money! The farmer said, just as enjoying the scent of sweets is equivalent to eating sweets, similarly listening to tinkle of coins is also equivalent to taking money.

Moral of the story

So friends, many times you will also find people like this confectioner in your life, in such a situation, do not panic. Answer them wisely and get out of the problem like this farmer.


The lion is the king of the jungle. He lives in his forest scaring everyone. The lion is fierce and powerful. One day the king of the city went for a walk in the forest. The lion saw the king sitting on the elephant posture. In the lion’s mind also suggest a solution to sit on the elephant by sitting on the pedestal. The lion ordered that an seat be placed on the elephant.

best funny stories with good moral

Just what was there, quickly became easy. The lion jumped and sat in the seat on the elephant. As the elephant moves forward, the posture will shake and the lion will fall. The lion’s body fully damage, and the lion said – ‘Walking is fine.

Moral of the story

Do not try to copy anyone


There was a big pond in a village. In that pond there were lots of crocodiles, carpets, frogs and many kinds of creatures. No one dared to go under such frightening water. Why would anyone want to lose their lives?

One day it came to the mind of some people of the village that why not do a race, if anyone who reaches this lake from one shore to the other will be given a huge reward in the race.

Then what happened was a few days later, the day of Race came. Many people came to see the rash but no one wanted to take part in that race. Many of you have also come there to take their hair but after hearing all the crocodiles, that rash out of fear. I refused to take his hand. Waited for a long time but no one wanted to go inside the pond, suddenly a man jumped into the river and started swimming quickly and while swimming, he reached the other side of the pond.

All were surprised to see this. One person said that you have done a lot of bravery. You are the winner of this piece, you will be rewarded for this. Many people of the media surrounded him and started asking Where did you get so much snow? How did you do this work?

Then the person said, “We will take the prize, leave it all, you guys tell me who pushed me?”

Moral of the story

Friends, this is not a story, it was just a small joke, but friends, there is a lot to learn in this story. Often we have the ability to achieve our goal. In that boy, he can jump into the pond and do it on the pond. He was capable but he did not jump on his own, someone pushed and he took quite a lot on the fish for fear of escaping from the crocodile. Would have been the winner of it. Now his life had changed. Friends like this, many talents are hidden in us. Unless we have the courage of confidence and risk, then we take every mind in our life without any bugs in any challenge. We should make it so, there should be such confidence in us that we should take full advantage of the opportunity to buy in life.

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