moral stories for students of class 8


One day a couple of boys were playing near a pond. A family of frogs lived in that pond. The boys started throwing stones in the pond for their fun. And when the water used to bounce, those boys also used to jump with joy. As soon as the stone went into the water, the innocent frogs started shivering due to pain. Finally, a fellow frog came out and prayed. ‘Children don’t play such a dangerous game.’

The frog and the boy story for 8 class kid

Through which you are experiencing bliss, the same game is becoming a cause of painful death for us.


“We should not entertain ourselves by playing with the lives of others.”


Once there was an argument between an Ababil and a crow about the beauty of their wings. Ababil boasted to the crow that “Look at my shining wings.” They are so beautiful. And look at your black, clumsy wings. These are how bad wings are. Beauty is everything in life for me. “Upon hearing this, the crow smiled and said to the Ababil,” You can be beautiful, but your beauty stays only in the spring. You just can’t stand the heat. While looking at me, my wings protect me from both cold and heat.”

Short stories with good morals


“Companions of happiness are not true companions.”


It is a very long time, used to be a very dense forest. Once, due to any reason, a huge fire broke out in the entire forest. All the animals were afraid to see what would happen now ??

In a short time, all the animals that were a stampede in the forest were running away from here; the whole forest was trying to save its life. There used to be a little bird in that forest, and he saw that all the people are afraid, there is a fire in the forest, I should help people.

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Thinking this, she soon went to the nearby river and brought water in the beak and put it in the fire. She repeatedly went to the river and put water in the beak. An owl was passing by, he saw this movement of the bird and thought in his mind that how foolish this bird is, how can it extinguish such a huge fire by filling it with water in its beak.
Thinking this, he went to the bird and said that you are a fool; in this way, the fire cannot be extinguished.

The bird replied very politely – “I know that my efforts will not do anything, but I have to do my best, no matter how fierce the fire but I will not give up my efforts.”

Owl was very impressed to hear this.


The same thing applies to our lives as well. When a problem occurs, a person panics and gives up, but we should keep trying without fear, this is the lesson of this story.


There are many devotees of today who are doing godliness in favor of God, devotion means love, not the bargain of attachment but this is what today’s devotees are doing. He does not go to the temple because he loves God, does not have attachment! ! Rather, they worship God to fulfill their wishes. He wants God to serve him. These are the stories of Guru Bhakti. A sadhu was sitting in a meditative state on the banks of the river, a laundry was washing near him. Washing clothes – Washing came in the afternoon, when it was time for the washer man to eat, he asked the monk to look at his donkeys – and went to the house to eat.

stort story for 8 class

dying king and his four wives

When the washer man returned after eating, he found a donkey less. He had gone on grazing. And it was not visible. The washerman turned red with anger at the monk and he reprimanded the monk for a very long time, saying that when he was not tolerated by the sage of abusive speech, he also felt sorry. Now what was the difference between the two, the washerman was strong, he defeated the monk and climbed on his chest. The monk said in a complaining tone, I have been doing penance for so many days, but today no god is coming to protect me at the time of disaster. Only then a voice has come to the god, but he does not know who are the sadhus and who is the washer?


Devotion is such a devotion to our favorite, which instills confidence in our mind that in his refuge we will always be peace, well-informed, safe and virtuous. At the same time, we will shower on a flowered flower of contentment, fulfillment, neutrality, spiritual consciousness and infinite goodwill and under the serene spray of his grace, we will live this precious life together.




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