Short Stories For Grade 2 With Questions

Stories for grade 2 students: Friends, on this page, we have brought to you a collection of 10 best and selected short stories in the world, stories that will completely change your way of thinking.

And there will be positive changes in your life; we are after you that you will not be after this and move towards success.

these short stories are not only for entertainment but also it can change your internal behavior. These short stories are not only for entertainment but also it can change your internal behavior.

The moral Which you can get success by using in your life. These stories are fascinating. Those you will enjoy reading a lot. Please read my collection of grade 2 student story.

Short Stories For Grade 2 With Questions And Answer

1. The fox and his tail

Once a fox was wandering in the woods in search of food. Unfortunately, she gets caught in a trap set by predators.

To get rid of himself from the trap, his tail got stuck in the trap.

The fox started groaning in pain. More than pain, he felt embarrassed when he had a tail cut.

He immediately made a plan. The next day he called a meeting of all the fox and said,

“Guys! As you see that my tail has become shorter and prettier than being cut, then I suggest that you too get your tail cut. Long-tail leads to needless weight gain and it looks ugly too.”

A fox said, “You are very clever. If your tail is cut, then you want to get our tail cut as well.

You are only thinking of yourself, not ours. Keep your advice to yourself. ”The tail fox left silently on hearing this.

moral of the story: We should not think of others as bad for our selfishness.

Questions of the story: Questions of the story: After cut the tail of the fox, why he said: ” without the tail, I am looking pretty”? Tell the answer in the comment box.

2.False oath

One day in the evening a shepherd was gathering his animals to take him back home.

When he counted the animals, a bull was not here He searched her around a lot but could not find her.

Defeated, he prayed to God, “O God! If I find my bull and its stealer, I will sacrifice a calf. I say this with an oath. Just, get my bull.”

Then the shepherd moved forward with his animals. He got his bull only after going a little far.

There was no one else stealing his bull, but a lion.

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Seeing the lion in front of his, the timid shepherd trembled and he swore, “Oh my God if you save me from this lion’s paws, I will sacrifice an ox.”

That way the shepherd proved that he is a liar and swears falsely.

Moral: We should not always turn from our swear.

Question of the story: why people always break his own word?

3.Sneaky hunter

One day a woodcutter was cutting wood in the forest when a hunter came there.

He asked the woodcutter, “Sir! Have you seen the footprints of the lion?”

Can you show me the lion’s cave? “The woodcutter thought, this hunter is quite brave,

That is why the lion is following. I must help it. “Thinking he said to the hunter,” Come with me.

I take you to the lion’s cave. “Hearing this, the hunter trembled in fear. Then with a little courage said,” Just fine. I only had to see the footprints of the lion. What will I do by going to his cave?

On hearing this, the woodcutter started thinking that this hunter is among those who do big things but do not do anything.

Questions of the story: Have you come to people like a hunter in your life?

4.We should not give up patience in times of trouble

One day a deer was wandering in the forest looking for food. Just then, some hunters who came to hunt there caught sight of him. He started searching for hiding places while escaping from predators.

While running, he saw a big cave and he entered it without thinking. This cave was of a lion. At that time, the lion had gone somewhere. However,

The deer came to know that the hunters would not be able to catch him. But he was not able to sit still and breathed peace that the lion returned to the cave.

Seeing the deer in his cave, the lion was not happy. He quickly grabbed the deer and did all his work.

The lion filled his stomach with fun eating the deer. Poor deer could not understand the good and the bad after getting into trouble and lost their lives.


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