Short Stories In English With Good Moral

Stories have special importance in life, and when stories carry some messages, their importance increases. Educative stories have a special effect on our psyche. A short story has the power to change our lives. Many times, what we do not understand in other ways, it is a small story which is explained to us easily.

English stories have significant importance in our life. Many problems in our life are solved in short English moral stories. That’s why the elders of the family used to tell us many stories and stories in childhood.

But today all those stories are left behind. That is why today we have brought inspirational short stories for you where you can learn something new by reading stories anytime.

1. self-help is the best help

self help is the best help

Arbind was a farmer. It was late at night. He was returning home from the market in his bullock-cart.

The cart had a heavy load on it. It had bags of grains.

Suddenly, It began to rain heavily. The wheel of the cart got stuck in the soft wet mud. The cart could not remove.

Arbind was very upset. He was scared because it was getting dark. He began to wail, “oh, dear! What shall I do?”

Who helps me? Please, God, comes and help me.”

He shouted many times for help, but he did not make an effort to push the wheel out from the mud.

After some time, a stranger came to him. The stranger said, ” why do you cry? God will not help you if you cry and do nothing.”

The farmer said,”My friend, I do not know what to do.”

The stranger said,”Come on; let us push the wheel.”

The farmer agreed to push. They began to push. Soon, the cart-wheels came out form the wet mud. Arbind is very happy. He thanked the stranger.

He said, “I always remember your advice.”

The moral of the story:

“If you believe your self strongly, You can achieve anything.”

“God will help you only if you put in the effort and try.”

2.The clever crow

The clever crow

Once a crow found a  piece of cake. The crows caught him in his beak and flew to the tree branch to eat cake, As she was setting down a hungry fox came When the Fox saw a piece of cake, his mouth became watery.

The Fox thought, “the cake look testy and inviting.”

The Fox sat under the tree, but he thinks, “But how do I get it.”

Suddenly a thought flashed in his mind; Fox called the crows in a very smooth, tender way.

The Fox said, “Crow Madam I know your voice is fantastic can you sing a song for me.”

But The crow was very smarter than the Fox. She understood his cruel Thought. He carefully shaped the piece of cake into his beak and placed it under his leg. Then the Crow Said, Now I am ready to sing.

The Fox did not give any replay to the crow, and he walked away.

Moral of the story:

Always be careful, applesauce.

3. The Fox and the cock

the cock and the fox

One day a fox was passing by a tree. He saw a cock sitting on a tree branch. The Fox’s mouth watered.

Fox’s Thought, “What a good lunch!”

But the Fox did not know how to climb the tree.    

He looked up the cock and said gently,

” Hello, friends. I have excellent news.”

The cock said, What is it?       

The Fox’s said, “I am the messenger of God. After that, no animal will need any other animals; all friends will come down and let us celebrate.”

The smart cock replied, Hey, This is great. We should call our friends almost they are here.

The Fox gulped on hearing. As he was about to run, the cock asked, What are you afraid? How would we all be friends now?

Fox said, We all friends now Yes, but the house might not know this yet, Saying this the run away as fast as His legs could always move him.  


Always beware of strangers.


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