Short Story For Grade 1 With Questions

Stories have an incredible effect on our lives. A short story can bring a significant change in our thoughts. We publish only selected short stories for grade 1 students; .that can change our lives. We hope that these moral stories will bring positive changes in your life.

Our life goes on with thoughts. Every thought is like a seed, which forms the tree which is our attitude and behavior.

short stories for class 1 and grade 1 students

Friends, all of you are welcome, through this motivational story you will know that if some people want to cheat you, you will not get into their deception.

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You are going to get a massive message through this short moral story, so let’s not start wasting your time too much; I start this story as soon as possible.

Moral Story For Grade 1

1.Ugly prince and retarded princess

In one state, the queen gave birth to a very beautiful girl. Then an angel came there and said- “This girl will be very beautiful but retarded. Whoever marries her will become beautiful by its effect.”

In the neighboring kingdom, the queen gave birth to an ugly prince. The angel told the queen- “The prince would be very wise. He would marry a girl who would become wise by its influence.”

A few years later the prince and princess became young. But nobody wanted to marry them. One day the sad princess was wandering alone in the forest,

That’s when she met the prince. The prince asked the princess, “Will she marry him?” The princess agreed, then the prince decided to marry her after a year.

In a year the prince became beautiful and the princess became intelligent. Both got married and lived happily.

2.Greedy jackal

In a forest, a hunter targeted a fat pig with a pointed arrow. Despite being wounded by the pig, the hunter overturned and killed him.

After this, the pig also died of a wound to his body. After some time, a hungry jackal arrived there. He found two hunts in the form of hunters and pigs.

He began to say to himself, “Today God has taken great kindness on me. Come, first, start eating from the bow of this bow.” The jackal went to the jackal’s corpse and started munching on the bowstring.

As soon as the bowstring broke, the arrow in it came out loud and went straight into the jackal’s body, and he died there. He should have thought before he started eating.

By doing so, he broke into greed without thinking and lost his life.

3.God of the sea and queen of mountains

A long time ago, the Greek god of the sea, the Greek goddess, wanted to gain Athens the kingdom of Athena. He attacked the hill on which the kingdom of Athens was inhabited.

Due to that attack, the hill broke from one side, and from there, a saltwater spring burst. The Greek goddess Athena thought of an idea to regain her kingdom. He decided to dry the saltwater spring.

For this, sow the seeds of the oak tree near the Usan Falls. This is the same tree, which is still in Athens. That waterfall dried up due to that tree. Athens once again ruled Athens.

The god of the sea could not attack again, even by Kabha. Since then, the people of Athens are safe in the kingdom of their goddess Athens, living happily.

4. Who is clever?

Once, three thieves were claiming to be the most clever. At the same time, a farmer came there riding on a donkey. His donkey was tied to a goat with a bell around its neck.

The thieves decided to steal his goat, his donkey and his clothes. The first thief secretly took out the goat bell and tied it in the tail of the donkey and took the goat. After an hour, when the farmer came to know, he started crying.

Now the second thief came to him and said- “I have seen your goat thief going down that thin street. The farmer left his donkey there and ran towards that street. Then the thief took his donkey.”

The farmer saw the third thief crying. The thief told him- ‘My wallet has fallen into the well. If you remove, I will give you ten gold pieces. ”As soon as the farmer took off the clothes to get into the well, the thief ran away with clothes.

Thus, those three thieves stole his goat, donkey, and his clothes from the farmer. In all this, the third thief was considered clever.

Short Story For Grade 1 With Questions

1.Bad Company

A farmer was distraught because of the crows. The farmer also kept some Scarecrow, but the crows were so smart they destroyed all scarecrow.

One day, the farmer spread a net in his field. He spread the grain over the trap. The crow fell into the trap. In the trap, the crows begged the farmer for mercy, but the farmer said, “I will not leave you alive.

Suddenly the farmer heard a painful voice. He carefully looked into the trap. He revealed that a pigeon with the crows.

The farmer said to the pigeon, “What were you doing with these evil crows?

Now you too will lose your life due to this bad company. “And then the farmer fed his hunting dogs to those crows and pigeons. Someone has told the truth, the bad company is always harmful.

Question of the story: Why the farmer gave grain over the trap?

2.Curious child

Once, a child was walking in the forest. He saw a big and bulky box and he tried hard to open it but could not open it.

He started thinking about what would happen in it. At first, he thought he would have a lot of money. Then he thought that it would have a treasure map. Then he saw the hut of the one who told the future there. The boy went to him.

The future person sniffed the box and said- “There is something good inside it”. The boy asked- what is that? “The future teller said-” I can only tell you this much.

The boy became depressed and turned to his house. But he was so anxious that he could not keep up and threw stones at the box. The box broke, and sweet drinks flowed out of it. The child was very sorry because he could not drink this drink.

Questions of the story: What will you do first if you get a treasure box?

Short Story For Grade 1 With Moral Lesson

1.Two friends

Two frogs lived in a village. One frog built his house in a lake, while the other frog lived on a rough place on the side of the road.

One day the frog living in the lake said to the other, “Friend! You stay with me in the lake. Your house is not safe, because trains are run on track all day.

You are worrying unnecessarily. I’ve been living here for many years and will always be here. “

A few days later, the frog crushed under the wheels of a car and died.

Moral lesson of the story:

When others speak of our good, we should accept.


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