Short Story For Grade 3 Students

Friends, on this page, we have brought you the collection of the best and selected short stories for grade 3 in the world. Stories that will change your way of thinking after reading them.

And there will be positive changes in your life. We are told that after falling, you will not be disappointed and move towards success. These stories are not only for your entertainment purpose, but these stories are also developed your thinking power, and Its moral can change your internal behavior.

short  story for grade 3

After reading these short moral stories, You will never hurt anyone. So don’t waste your time, let’s start as soon as possible.

short Story For Grade 3 With Moral

1.Mother of thief

A small child went to school every day. One day he stole one of his classmates’ books and brought them home. On coming home, he showed that book to his mother and said, “Look, mother! I have brought such a beautiful book by stealing.”

Mother was very happy to see the book and said, “Well done son! You are very smart.” In this way, the child would always steal something from outside and the mother would encourage him instead of explaining it.

the thief mother story for kids

Eventually, he grew up to become a prominent thief. One day when the police started taking him, his mother cried and followed him. The thief asked the soldier to stop for a moment.

Then he turned to his mother and gave a loud slap. Then said, “Mother! Don’t cry now, because I have a hand in making you a thief. If you had punished me for stealing in my childhood, today it would not have happened.”

Moral of the story:

Never promote wrongdoing.

2. Futile battle

There were many frogs in a well. Once two frogs started fighting. The remaining frogs started favoring either of the two. Thus two groups of frogs were formed. Their fight went on and on

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One day a group of frogs went to a snake to help. His chief said to the snake, “We live in a well. Some of the frogs living there are our enemies.

We have come to beg you to stay in our well and kill and eat them. In this way, you will get food easily and we will also get rid of our enemies. “

Futile battle between two frogs

Knowing this, the snake happily went to live in the well with them. Now the snake started eating enemy frogs. Soon he devoured all the enemy frogs. Then the chieftain of the other group asked the snake to leave the well.

But the snake refused to obey him. Now he was addicted to free food. So he stayed in the well and slowly killed all the frogs and ate them. Thus, all the frogs lost their lives in a futile battle.

Moral of the story:

Never fight in vain

3. Teeth of elephant

Once a hungry rat found a walnut. He tried hard to break it but failed to break it due to his rind hardened. The rat’s small teeth were unable to break it.

Then he teased and said, “God, why did you give me such small teeth? I have food, but I cannot eat it.” Hearing his voice, God appeared and said, “Dear Rat, go and see the teeth of other animals.”

Whichever you like, I will give you the same kind of tooth. “Gladly the rat went in search of various animals. He saw the teeth of many animals. Finally, he was impressed by the long white teeth of the elephant.

 rat and elephant story for grade 3 students

He approached the elephant and asked him, “Friend, are you happy with your teeth?” Hearing this, the elephant said, “Hey, my friends, my teeth are just for show. I can’t use them for anything.”

On the contrary, I do the work of lifting heavy items from these teeth. ‚ÄĚHearing this, the rat thanked God for his small teeth.

Moral of the story:

Always be happy with what God gave.

4. Lion and rat

We all know, the lion is the king of the jungle. Once a lion was asleep when a small mouse ran up and down on it. This made the lion awake.

He was furious and caught the rat with his huge claws. Then he opened his big mouth to swallow it. “Please forgive me, O King of the Jungle”, called the little mouse.

“I will never forget your kindness.” I may be small but who knows, someday I can help you in some way. “The lion took pity by laughing and set the mouse free.

Story of the lion and the rat

A few days later, the lion is trapped in a hunter’s trap. He roared but wasted. The little mouse heard and ran towards the lion. Immediately the rat began to bite the net with its small teeth.

Soon the lion is freed and he thanks the little rat. Subsequently, they became friends.

Moral of the story:

a friend in need’s a friend indeed.


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