what is true love between a man and a woman?

What is true love in a relationship?

However, people’s aspiration for true love goes even form before that.

Whereas little children start reading fairy tales, and ultimately, the prince and the princess they fall in love, and they live happily ever after.

So, every girl thinks that there’s probably some prince charming who will come one day who will come one day, will be so handsome. He will come riding on a white horse. And he will take me away, and then we will live happily ever after.

Every boy probably thinks that one day, I will find this girl who serves me in every way, and when I sleep, she will press my feet, then we will live happily ever after.

But the problem is when the honeymoon wears off, the reality comes before that this before charming snores in the night. And he has got bad breath. And he even forgets my birthday. After that how do you adjust with this situation?

what is true love?

Once a couple comes to me over the fight that they wear having amongst themselves. The fight was about a cat. The husbands complain was that when he would go to the office, the silly cat would me and chew up the computer wires. He was annoyed with the wife that why could she not take care while he was away?

And the wife’s complaint was that she had no servants to look after the cat. And they came to me that whose fault was it?

I said, “look, both are more attached to your silly opinions then you are attached to each other.

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what is true love between a man and a woman?

One old man- 80 years old, he went to a hospital to get his stitches removed. he asked the doctor, “please hurry up.” It was 8:30. He said,” by nine o’clock, I need to go to another hospital.”

The doctor said, “You have another doctor’s appointment?”

doctor and patient

He said, ” No, I need to go and meet my wife. We have breakfast together.” He explains his wife had Alzheimer’s, and it had been five years. He nevertheless fulfilled his commitment. He would definitely go and have breakfast with her.

The doctor asked, “will your wife not be upset you are getting late today?”

He said, “You know; Since last few years, She does not even recognize me.”

The doctor said, “In that case, what sense does it make? She does not even know who you are, and still, you go and have breakfast with her?”

He said, “Whether she recognizes me or not, I recognize who she is. I made a commitment to this leady 50 years ago, and I have to fulfill that commitment. That is true love between a man and a woman.

It is not necessarily romantic. It requires adjustments and sacrifices. If somebody is willing to make the sacrifices, willing to make the adjustments, then that person can truly find love.

True love is that where there is not self-seeking. The urge is to give, to sacrifice. Not my happiness, but the happiness of the beloved.

true love include Importance of ‘we’ in relationship,
share sorrow, Take something in love, Feeling of sacrifice, Love unconditionally, Effort, Fulfill the promise, and Share their problems

How to identify true love and fake love

Love is really pure. Some people take it lightly. For him, love only means passing time with someone. And there are some who consider love to be a feeling, to play it as fresh. Can you understand from these 3 things that you can really love or not? If your love does not become hypocrisy, weigh yourself

1– Befriend someone wisely. Because friendship starts with friendship. Love also begins with friendship. Understand that there is a difference between love and madness. What is considered love is madness. The decision taken in this senselessness changes the meaning of love. Love is just a show off.

2- Trust is the foundation of love. If you cannot trust anyone, then there is no question of love. In such a situation, there can be attraction towards anyone. If you have a habit of doubting, then true lovers can never become. It is not easy to fall in love with someone and tie them in a relationship, if not a habit of trusting. It would be good not to have an emotional relationship with anyone.

3- Responsibility is also associated with love. If you are sitting in love with someone, then do not forget that you have to fulfill their expectations and fulfill the responsibilities associated with it. Notice that as soon as this thing comes in your mind, then you feel a burden. You get upset that it is useless to love, then understand that you do not have the ability to be a true lover.

What are  the characteristics of true love between women and men?

  • True love judges infrequently
  • True ❤️ means putting your lovers need equal to, or before your own.
  • True ❤️ is an ocean of tenderness.
  • True love motivate you.
  • True love trusts willingly
  • True love understand without speaking
  • True love will want to stay with you forever.
  • True love makes people become better


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