what to do when you are feeling hurt?

There is a museum in the middle of a beautiful city. The floor of the museum is covered with marble tiles, and in the middle of the foyer there is a huge marble statue as part of the show. Every day many people from all over the world visit the museum and admire the beautiful statues.

marble statue

One night, one of the marble tiles on the floor started talking to the marble statue,

“Hi Statue, we are initially built in the same city. We are chosen as a single mine, taken on the same lorry, brought to the same sculptor. Then why people all over the world are here Come all the way to step. It’s very unfair on me when they praise and praise you. “

Marble statue replayed, 

                    “My dear friend, oh tile do you remember the way we both sat shoulder to shoulder in the sculptor’s workshop in the form of marble blocks? And do you remember how the sculptor first chose to work on you?” He started using his tools? You just to turn into a masterpiece. But you resisted. You started falling.”

“Of course I remember,” said Marble Tally, “I hate that person. How can he use this sharp way on me? It hurts so badly.”

The marble statue continued,

 “That’s right. When you couldn’t bear the pain of his equipment, he decided to leave you and start working on me instead. I knew at one time, if I had to do something else, I would have endured the pain.” , Instead of protesting, I endured all the pain of the sharp tools I used. My friends, everything in life has value. Since you have decided to leave half the house, you cannot blame the person who steps down now. “ 

⇒ When all hope is lost then what to do?             

Moral: What did we learn today?

Life, as a sculptor, wants to make you a masterpiece. The questions are whether you are ready to handle every test, every difficult knowledge, every problem, every failure; All the pain that comes from this sculpture tool becomes a masterpiece. Or you just tremble and break down to become a tile.

If you become a role model of someone else’s, this decides whether people will take action or praise you.

                                  THANK YOU


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