When all hope is lost then what to do?

Friends, this story is about life when you lost your hope. It teaches us that one should not give up hope even in the worst of situations, and this story also explains that we have to give something on our behalf before we get something massive. Let’s start the story.

When your all hope lost what to do

Story of a Carpenter and his toys

This is the story about a skilled and very hard working Carpenter. Manufacturing wooden furniture and construction material. Because of the top competition end the problematic financial situation. He had to lay off all the workers form his company.

He had never imagined that He would have to go through something that.
The events very saddened him, But his wife supported him and encouraged him not to give up. She told him to keep his spirits high and that it could not get any worse. But, unfortunately, it did get worse. There was true love between the carpenter and his wife.

After a short time, He lost his beloved wife. And now, He had to look after his four sons as well. But, now he was determined to do something for his sons and to honor his beloved wife.

To cheer up his boys, He created toys from wood leftover from the carpentry work. His boys loved the new toys. And so he got an idea selling Toy! He decided to give it a try.

Fortunately, He had saved lots of working material form his carpentry work. He could now use to make Toys.


Even though He was very skillful and a right eye for quality, He failed to make enough money form his new business. After some time, One of his sons started helping him out with the work after school.

Somehow they managed to keep up the toy production. And Eventually, people around him noticed the quality of their toys and the word spread in the region. That the wooden toys of the most excellent quality wear being made In this man’s workshop.

One day, A toy wholesaler form another town heard about him. The wholesaler decided to visit the man and his workshop. When he saw the quality of the toys, He was truly astonished.

The whole seller placed a big order so that he could sell the toys in his store over the festival season.

The Carpenter was thrilled that he had finally had some success and that now there was someone who saw the uniqueness and the high standards of what they wear doing.
So he rehired all of his former employees and only used the high quality of woods to make these toys. They worked day and night to finish the work on time and nearly completed the order.

When suddenly out of the blue He received a letter the wholesaler and failed to bankruptcy and would not be able to buy the toys of him

Once again, The Carpenter and his boys wear devastated but decided to stay vigilant and to sell the toys by themselves. .Although he was an excellent carpenter and toy maker and also a miserable salesman.

Too humble of a man he was to praise his toys and force them to others, so the whole situation was very frustrating, but as it was too late to give up, he just kept on trying.

Eventually, he was able to sell all the toys But did not make nearly as much money as had hoped for. But at least the father and his son had made a little something and could afford to celebrate the festivities of Christmas. They wear nearly broke but had a roof over their heads and enough food to eat, so they had a certain sense of hope and pride.

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As time passed, the Carpenter kept on manufacturing and selling toys, But the toys were not selling anywhere near as quickly as he had hoped. So he tired lots of different ways to boost sales, but nothing seemed to work.

Suddenly an idea occurred to him; Maybe, and only changing his company name would help him sell more toys. He started brainstorming and talking to his sons to come up with a good name and finally, after lots up hours of contemplating and trying to find the right brand name he opted for: LEGO.

lego toys

Which came from the Danish words “leg godt,” meaning play well.” For some reason, the name was an instant banger with kids and costumers all around town, and that very same year they made 3000 pound selling toys and used that money to buy a milling machine.

With the help of that machine, the quality toys improve even further. But hills often go up down, And so after this uphill, The hills went down once again.

On a hot summer day, their workshop caught fire , and when the firemen finally arrived, it had burned down to the ground. All the drawing and joy models wear burned to ashes.

do not lose hope quotes

So, once again, fate had death him a lousy hand, but he decided to go all for his four sons and his workers and rebuilt his company and fought his way back into the market. Gradually their company started running smoothly again.

Now, Ole Christiansen wanted to do something challenging in the toy industry. He went to the capital, Copenhagen, To look at the new machine that had just arrived.


when all hope is lost what to do


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