Why Twin Flames Run from Each Other: Exploring the Dynamics of Twin Flame Relationships

twin flame run form each other

Twin flame relationships are deep, intense connections that go beyond conventional romantic partnerships. They involve two individuals who share a profound spiritual bond and are believed to be two halves of the same soul. However, despite the strong connection, it is not uncommon for twin flames to experience periods of separation, commonly referred to as “running.”

In this article, we will explore the reasons why twin flames run from each other, the signs indicating such behavior, and how to navigate the challenges that arise during this phase.

Understanding Twin Flames

Before we get into why twin flames run, let’s take a moment to understand what twin flame relationships are all about.

Twin flames are believed to be mirror souls, which means that they share a deep energetic connection and embody complementary qualities.

They often meet in the physical realm to embark on a journey of spiritual growth, mutual healing, and union.

The Concept of Running

Running in the context of twin flame relationships refers to one or both partners distancing themselves emotionally, physically, or energetically from the connection.

It can manifest as avoiding contact, creating space, or even entering other relationships as a means of escape.

Running is typically driven by internal struggles and fears that hinder the progress of the twin flame union.

Reasons Twin Flames Run

  • Fear of Intimacy: One common reason twin flames run from each other is a deep-seated fear of intimacy. The intensity and depth of the twin flame connection can be overwhelming, causing individuals to retreat and protect themselves from potential emotional pain and vulnerability.
  • Past Trauma and Baggage: Past traumas and emotional baggage can also contribute to running behavior. Unresolved wounds from previous relationships or childhood experiences may resurface in the twin flame connection, triggering fear and prompting one or both partners to distance themselves as a coping mechanism.
  • Unresolved Emotional Issues: Twin flame relationships often bring buried emotions and unresolved issues to the surface. The intensity of the connection can act as a catalyst for emotional healing and growth. However, facing these issues requires immense courage, and individuals may run to avoid confronting and resolving their emotional challenges.
  • Different Stages of Spiritual Awakening: Twin flame relationships coincide with spiritual awakening journeys. However, each individual may progress through their spiritual evolution at a different pace. If one partner experiences a rapid spiritual awakening while the other lags behind, it can create a temporary misalignment and cause one of them to run until they find their equilibrium.
  • Fear of Abandonment: Fear of abandonment is another prevalent reason for twin flames to run from each other. The deep bond shared between twin flames can trigger unresolved abandonment wounds, making individuals wary of fully investing in the connection and choosing to distance themselves instead.
  • Fear of Losing Independence: Twin flames often possess strong individual identities and a sense of independence. The merging and surrender required in the twin flame union can evoke fears of losing personal freedom and autonomy. To preserve their independence, individuals may run from the connection.
  • Misaligned Timing and Growth: Timing plays a significant role in twin flame relationships. Sometimes, one partner may feel unready for the intensity of the connection or the responsibilities that come with it. This misalignment in timing and personal growth can lead to running as a means of self-preservation and self-discovery.
  • Karmic Lessons: Twin flame relationships are often intertwined with karmic lessons that both partners need to learn and resolve. These lessons can be challenging and require deep introspection and self-work. Running can provide individuals with the space needed to navigate their karmic lessons independently.
  • Healing and Self-Work: The twin flame journey is a transformative path that necessitates inner healing and self-growth. Running can be a way for individuals to focus on their personal healing and engage in self-work before reuniting with their twin flame in a healthier and more aligned state.
  • Divine Timing and Soul Contracts: Divine timing and soul contracts play a significant role in twin flame journeys. The timing of the reunion and the fulfillment of the soul contract may require periods of separation. Running can be a result of honoring the divine timing and trusting the larger plan that governs twin flame unions.

Signs Twin Flames Are Running

Avoidance and Distance

One of the most evident signs that twin flames are running is the creation of emotional and physical distance. The partners may withdraw, avoid communication, or reduce the frequency of interactions.

Mixed Signals

Twin flames in the running phase often send mixed signals. They may display hot-and-cold behavior, oscillating between moments of intense connection and sudden detachment.

Push and Pull Dynamic

The push and pull dynamic is a common pattern in twin flame relationships. During the running phase, one partner may push the other away, while the other desperately pulls closer, creating a cycle of emotional turmoil.

Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Running from a twin flame connection can involve self-sabotaging behavior. Individuals may consciously or unconsciously engage in actions that hinder the progress of the relationship or prevent themselves from fully embracing the union.

Emotional Rollercoaster

The running phase is often characterized by an emotional rollercoaster. Both partners may experience intense emotions such as love, fear, longing, and confusion, leading to a tumultuous inner landscape.

Inner Conflicts and Confusion

Individuals in the running phase often grapple with inner conflicts and confusion. They may question the authenticity of the connection, doubt their readiness for such a profound relationship, or struggle with conflicting desires and expectations.

The Journey of Reunion

Reuniting with a twin flame after a period of running is a significant milestone in the twin flame journey. It often requires personal growth, healing, and a willingness to face the underlying fears and insecurities that prompted the running behavior.


Twin Flames and Free Will

Despite the deep soul connection, twin flames have individual free will. Each partner has the freedom to choose their path, including running from the connection. Respect for each other’s autonomy and the exercise of free will are crucial aspects of twin flame relationships.

The Role of Divine Intervention

Divine intervention can play a pivotal role in twin flame unions. It can guide and facilitate the reunion, offering synchronicities, signs, and opportunities for personal growth that eventually lead twin flames back to each other.

Navigating the Challenges

Navigating the challenges of the running phase requires patience, self-reflection, and inner work. It is essential for both partners to focus on their individual growth, heal past wounds, and develop a deep sense of self-love and acceptance.

Honoring Self and the Connection

During the running phase, it is crucial for individuals to honor their own needs and boundaries while maintaining respect for the twin flame connection. Finding a balance between self-care and acknowledging the significance of the relationship can contribute to a healthier reunion.

The Importance of Inner Work

Inner work is a fundamental aspect of the twin flame journey. Both partners must engage in self-reflection, healing, and personal growth to overcome the challenges that arise during the running phase and create a strong foundation for the union.

Seeking Support and Guidance

Seeking support and guidance from spiritual teachers, therapists, or individuals who have gone through similar experiences can provide valuable insights and assistance during the running phase. These resources can offer guidance on navigating the complexities of twin flame relationships.

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